One of my all time favourite artists Andrea InnocentOtoshimono is a constant inspiration. She shares a studio space with other creative ladies in the Melbourne CBD and does a range of work from illustration, animation, character design, storyboarding, graphic design and web design. She is represented by Jacky Winter and is very much inspired by Japan and it’s weird and wonderful ways. Her work is like a view into her imagination and it’s clearly a fantastic place to be.

See more work by this very talented lady below:

Andrea Innocent

Harriet Lee-Merrion is a Bristol based illustrator whose been producing some really beautiful work. Here is her website and her tumblr. Her use of space, line and fine details has a Japanese feel to it, more so in some works than others. She’s been participating in various exhibitions, the latest being a group show at PAPER Gallery in Manchester, England. I look forward to seeing more of her fantastic pieces in the future.

See some wonderful examples of her work below:


One of Australia’s most talented female illustrators is Melbourne based Catherine Campbell. I’ve been a big fan of her work for many years now and have watched her work become more detailed and even more beautiful over time. Her talents extend to embroidery and ceramics and you can buy her work online here. Also see her tumblr here. It’s so nice to meet other people in the world who think animals are magic and who just want to draw, make things and drink tea in the garden. Big love to Catherine 

catherine campbell

The beautiful art of Rebecca Green has captured my eye for a while now. Incredible large scale paintings fill her studio space where she paints girls and animals having tea parties and camping around open fires amongst the trees, night skies and american landscapes. Here is her website, her blog and her tumblr.

Here is a photo of her working in her studio and some examples of her work below:

Rebecca Green

Julie Delporte is a French/Canadian illustrator based in Montreal who has a really loose comic style with a spontaneity that I really admire. Here is her website and her tumblr. You can buy her book here and she has another book which has just come out called Everywhere Antennas. Here are some images of her artwork below.


I am currently reading Wildwood written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis. So far there are three books in the series and are all full of beautiful illustrations and tales of the impassable wilderness in Portland. We have bought two of her prints and have them on display in our tiny lounge room. You can buy her prints from here or here. Here is a link to her tumblr, her website and the Wildwood website. See a great little video of them both chatting about the books here. The video features a wonderful illustration lesson from Carson herself. Also here is a nice little write up about her.
See some of her fanciful illustrations below!



An amazing artist I have just come across is Hsiao-Ron Cheng.

Hsiao-Ron Cheng is a 1986-born Taiwanese digital artist/illustrator. Here is an incredible mural she painted in Sydney at ZOKOKO – a chocolate coffee shop.  You can also buy her prints here.